Adult Braids and Weave

Adult Braids and Weave – Braiders Dept.
Wash and weave all back (Big size)Weaving with Natural Hair (medium)Weaving with Natural Hair (Micro)
All Back Ghana Weaving (Big size) 2 packs with attachGhana Weaving Shuku (Big) 2 packsGhana Weaving Shuku (Big) extra
Soplus spritz chipon tracks without bondingGhana weaving extra length 2 packsGhana weaving medium
Shade clap and shukuBantu knots stetDidi with alla
Ghana weave (micro) with extensionFish boneFeathers (normal)
Feathers (extra length)Kinky (Braids) short lengthKinky (Braids) medium
Kinky (Braids) extra lengthPick and drop (normal size)Pick and drop (micro)
Bantus knotsBox braidsBox braids medium
Box braids medium extra lengthTwisting Big 0025ATwisting medium extra length big
Twisting medium extra lengthTwisting mediumTwisting mini without attachment
Human hair braidsCotonou braidsMillion twisting twist 1mm
Million twisting twist 2mmMohawk cut 2Skull cap
Skull cap microCrotchet braidsFoux lucks short
Foux lucks longFoux lucks extra longBrazilian kinky braids

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